Clinical insights that transform
patient care.


Clinical data physicians will actually use. Every Day.

Most systems overwhelm physicians with thousands of data points. The Curation Health platform gives clinicians the most relevant patient insights to deliver optimal care.


Ease the transition to value-based care.

Any data system can give you a retrospective look at a patient’s history.
Our system takes a prospective approach to risk adjustment for better
outcomes now—and in the future.


You want to spend time with your patients, not deciphering the thousands of data points your current workflow throws at you. Our platform delivers the highest-value insights exactly when you need them, right in your current EHR.

Health Plans

Delivering on your promise of value-based care requires both a roadmap and the vehicle to get you there. Curation Health has built an outpatient CDI platform that serves as the infrastructure for your prospective VBC initiatives, while supporting clinicians in their decision-making at the point of care.


The minimalist approach to better health care.


The engine powering our platform uses NLP and AI to transform patient, lab, DME, pharmacy, and other data into meaningful point-of-care insights.


Clinical teams get the most relevant data in an at-a-glance format to deliver care that has the highest level of clinical impact.


After a patient visit, we do a pre-claim review and audit to confirm the records are complete, documentation is compliant, and the reimbursement is accurate.


Better data for all.

Our customized platform contains more than 1,400 clinical rules to transform a mountain of data into actionable, high-impact insights. And because our platform integrates with the EHR, clinicians access everything in one place.

Curation Health isn’t just a vendor for us; they’re a true partner. Through their experience, we’ve gotten guidance and recommendations to help us mature in the value-based care space. They’ve demonstrated the ability to change with us, and we look forward to continuing to partner with them.

SCOTT WOODSVP of Senior Care; VP of Physician Network–Mid America Region, AdventHealth

The world’s top health
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on Curation Health.

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