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Coders analyze and ensure that documentation is sufficient and accurate. There are countless rules, guidelines, models and laws that provider documentation must follow for patients to receive quality care and for claims to be processed timely and accurately.

Coders ensure all are met and followed, which in turn allows providers to put more focus on patient care, while also lowering the volume of rejections and denials from insurers. Coders play a pivotal role in:

  • educating providers
  • ensuring quality documentation and accurate guidelines and practices
  • improving quality patient care and outcomes
  • ensuring revenue integrity

Curation Health helps to more accurately and efficiently address care gaps, enhance clinical documentation accuracy and specificity, and maximize performance on key measures. In this infographic, we outline key success metrics for Curation Health customers and proven coding efficiency metrics.

Download our infographic: Clinically Relevant Coding Impact for Value-Based Care

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