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We sat down with Kyle Swarts, Curation Health’s Chief Growth Officer to talk about servant leadership, why the company’s vision fuels him and where he thinks technologies like AI and NLP fit into the move to value-based care performance.

Q: Tell us about your specific role at Curation Health.

A: I oversee our sales, partnerships and marketing while serving as the Curation Brand Ambassador.

Q: What made you join the team at Curation Health?

A: I joined Curation Health on Feb 1, 2019. I had the good fortune of meeting Kevin Coloton a couple of years prior during a healthcare summit in Jackson Hole, WY. After spending 10 years in healthcare management consulting, I was ready for the next adventure and was seeking a role in a true
healthcare start-up. Well, after listening to Kevin’s vision for Curation Health my desire to help build
something meaningful and the market shifting from fee-for-service to value-based care, I decided to
jump right in!

Q: How is the culture at Curation different from other organizations where you have worked?

A: There is a contagious positive and servant leadership attitude that each Curation Health teammate
possesses. As a result, it motivates me and others to continuously over serve clients, respect each others
opinions, collaborate to solve problems, identify ways to refine our approach and willingness to always
lend an extra hand. We realize our roles and functions are dependent on each other and the team here
are always willing to step in and help when someone needs it.

Q: From your perspective, what makes Curation’s approach to the industry unique?

A: Curation Health enables clients to obtain the next level of performance in value-based arrangements.
The direct impact results in reducing provider burn-out, improving patient care and clinical outcomes.
Healthcare can be bullish when it comes to technology – AI, machine learning and NLP—we use all of
those assistive technologies, but we are also very focused on empowering end-users and providers by
delivering highly actionable clinicals insights to the provider eliminating the false positives that can
negatively impact adoption and performance. It’s important that we present information to providers
and meet them where they’re at—whether that’s the exam room or in the home. We bring clinical
insights that can have a significant, direct impact on patient lives.

Q: If you could give one recommendation to providers and payers looking to focus on value-based
care in the year ahead, what would it be?

A: This is not a race to the finish. Be ready for a continuous improvement exercise and constant change in
adoption, performance and tools. Be patient. It’s not something you can build overnight. Healthcare
organizations need to understand this is a journey and there are incremental steps that get you to the
result. There are ways to accelerate the journey, but it requires organizational buy-in, the right resources
and the right physician champion to shepherd it along with other competing priorities.

Q: Where do you see Curation Health growing and contributing to healthcare/health IT in the next

A: I think we will help accelerate overall value-based care adoption by delivering a tailored set of
advisory services and technology to our partners. Health systems, provider groups and health plans all
have similar but different challenges and Curation is positioned to meet them wherever they are in
their VBC journey. There are multiple factors at play–coming out of a pandemic, government regulatory
changes, a heightened focus on social determinants of health. Organizations are struggling with where
to begin with all of the demands being placed on them. That is, I believe, our strength. We can step in
and help customize a path to success, both in improving payer reimbursement, clinician experience,
patient/member engagement and ultimately, outcomes.

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