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Q: What made you join Curation Health?

A: The people and the work. I had worked with some of our engineering team before. I do have prior experience in healthcare, and I wanted to get back to a start-up environment. I like the variability and responsibility that come with working in this setting. I like having the opportunity to as we say at Curation, build something meaningful.

I also think working for Kevin Coloton as the Founder and CEO is unique opportunity so between all those factors, Curation really seemed like a great fit.

Q: In a start-up, every day can be different and ever evolving, especially in a job like engineering. You’re at the forefront of our innovation. Is that something you enjoy about the job?

A: I absolutely enjoy it. The evolution of the company is something I really appreciate and am excited to participate in. We built it from the beginning and going from that to where we are today is exciting. It’s not just writing software…thinking through how do we organize and divide work? How do we build teams? How do we keep building what our customers need? I very much enjoy being part of that process. The exciting thing about working in a start-up is no day is the same. It’s always pivoting.

Q: From an industry perspective, you’ve been in healthcare before, what do you think makes us different from other platforms? What do you think makes us stand out in what we offer?

A: This starts from the top down and the tone is set by our leadership with an intense focus on providing the best service possible for our customers. That has always been the case since the beginning and does not change as we grow and scale. I believe that it will always be the case going forward. Another differentiating factor is the kind of intense service relationship that we have with our customers, always going the extra mile.

Q: Our CEO, Kevin, always talks about we always put the provider at the center of what we do, including innovation. How do you fit into that?

A: That’s a great question. We’ve been able to take massive amounts of data, curate care opportunities, plug them into EMRs and surface the most important insights.

We are now dealing with millions of rows of data. The real challenge for the engineering team is taking all this data, distilling that meaning from it. I know EMRs are tricky environments for physicians, and I’m hopeful that we can make some part of their work easier. It helps physicians who have the challenge of seeing very sick patients for a very small amount of time.  And hopefully giving them an opportunity to address multiple conditions and help the practice as a whole meet whatever revenue goals they’re setting out for themselves.

Q: Why do you think, or how do you think Curation has been intentional about building culture?

A: It’s always been my impression that the personality of a corporate entity always starts at the top.  So, it starts with Kevin just being a great human being and wanting to work with people of similar natures. I would combine that with our Chief Operation Officer, Tanjina Shapiro, really wanting to build culture and to have a definition around culture so it could be a cornerstone, which is smart. Hopefully, that should pay dividends as we grow. I think it’s a combination of getting good people working together, but also the intent in building that culture and making it foundational to the company.

Q: Engineering and developers are a critical part of innovation in a company—a behind the scenes engine and here at Curation you’re greatly valued.

A: That’s right.  More love for engineers.

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