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We sat down to chat with Priya Sharma, Curation Health’s Operations Consultant on how building processes can be a creative exercise and why the flexibility and freedom that come with a start-up can foster innovation.

Q: Tell us about your job and experience. 

A: I am an Operations Consultant at Curation Health. My day-to-day is never constant, but that is what I love about my job. I work on so many different projects ranging from designing and managing key strategic initiatives to developing internal  standard operating procedures.

I have only ever worked in the healthcare industry and I truly enjoy it. I have healthcare consulting and a little analytics experience. Being in this role at Curation I’ve had the opportunity to not only build on my previous experience, but also build new skill sets. It’s the best of both worlds!

Q: In a start-up, every day can be different and ever evolving. Is that something you enjoy about the job?

A: Yes! I absolutely enjoy the surprises of working at Curation. Every day brings new challenges but I like to say that new challenges bring new opportunities for the company and for our clients.

Q: How do you help move innovation forward with operations at Curation? 

A: I spend a lot of time partnering with our COO, Tanjina Shapiro on brainstorming creative ways to operationalize our processes and implement them. The best part about working at a startup is that we have the freedom to try new strategies and new tools to help streamline our operations.

Q: From an industry perspective, you’ve been in healthcare before, what do you think makes us different?

A: The partnerships that we develop with our clients is truly remarkable. We have partnered with our clients on many projects and we work to ensure they are receiving the support and collaboration.

Q: Why do you think it’s important to continue to build culture as you scale and grow? How do you think Curation does that well? 

A: The culture at Curation is what makes the org such a great place to work. I believe culture sets the tone of an organization and Curation has implemented so many practices that help instill the culture. I love and appreciate that we start some of our meetings with a joke and end with a quote. Additionally, we put an emphasis on getting to know our team members by playing a virtual game every Friday. I appreciate all the work that our CEO, Kevin Coloton, and COO, Tanjina Shapiro do to make our culture as wonderful as it is.

Q: Where do you think health tech is headed and how does Curation fit into that picture? 

A: With the development of EMRs, physicians are able to document almost everything captured during a patient visit electronically and in some cases they can electronically send prescriptions to a nearby pharmacy. While this has helped improve efficiency, physicians are not always able to complete everything needed within the EMR. As technology continues to develop, it will be key for all or almost all information to be in one central location. Curation is doing just that. Curation’s main goal is to ensure providers can easily access and confirm conditions within the EMR, without having to open several windows on their screen.

Q: What do you think is critical or missing in helping payers and providers succeed in risk adjustment? 

A: A key component to improving a RAF score is education. Providers will not know where they need to improve or how to improve if they do not have the right resources. At Curation, we provide reports and insights for our clients to identify areas of opportunity. This also gives our clients an opportunity to ask us questions or to ask for additional education if needed.

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