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Dr. Matt Lambert appeared on the Race to Value podcast. You can listen to the full piece here.


From Cowboys to Quarterbacks: Optimizing Physician Workflow for Value, with Dr. Matt Lambert

The movement to value-based care will necessitate a major paradigm shift in how physicians practice medicine. They can no longer be “cowboys” in the wild west of fragmented, uncoordinated care delivery where information technology is focused on fee-for-service. Instead of cowboys, we need “quarterbacks”, communicating with an interdisciplinary care team and facilitating hand offs across the care ecosystem. In this environment, information technology is like the offensive line, protecting the physician and creating the opening for a meaningful play.

Our guest this week is Dr. Matt Lambert, Chief Medical Officer of Curation Health, an advanced clinical decision support platform for value-based care that drives more accurate risk adjustment and improved quality program performance by curating relevant insights from disparate sources and delivering them in real time to clinicians and care teams. Author of two books, and with more than 20 years of experience as a clinician, CMIO, and change leader in value-based care, Matt’s insights will expand your vision of health value!

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