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Our own Kevin Coloton and Dr. Matt Lambert recently joined the Healthcare Insider Podcast by Modern Healthcare. This wide-ranging 24-minute conversation touched upon a handful of key points that lead to successful outcomes, both at the clinical and organizational level, in value-based care:

  • How to avoid the “data maximalism” problem when entering or expanding in value-based care (5:45)
  • The 4 pillars of success: improve outcomes, reduce costs, and improve the patient and provider experience (10:00)
  • How knitting together the disparate needs of payer and provider partners creates a program that works for all (10:50)
  • The challenges of harmonizing what happens in the examination room with what happens on a contract level (12:25)

You can listen to the podcast below, or on any of your favorite podcatchers.

This podcast originally aired May 10, 2023, on

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