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Our CEO Kevin Coloton recently joined Modern Healthcare’s Healthcare Insider Podcast to discuss the world of value-based care. In this insightful discussion, Coloton explores the critical role of data in achieving successful value-based care initiatives. Learn how providers can embrace data minimalism to enhance patient care and drive optimal outcomes by giving it a listen.

You can stream the podcast below or listen on any of your favorite podcatchers.

Key points of the discussion:

  • Healthcare is still in the early stages of embracing and using technology to manage and organize data [1:10]
  • Right now, we are in a data maximalism phase, excited about every piece of information we can gather, but it is too much to sort through to provide value [2:55]
  • Coloton delves into the concept of data minimalism, emphasizing its pivotal role in realizing greater efficiency and success in value-based care initiatives [7:08]
  • In the value-based care team, time is the most precious resource [9:57]
  • What kind of results have Curation Health’s partners realized from using the solution for prospective risk adjustment? [14:36]

This podcast originally aired November 1, 2023, on

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